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Morgan Hvidt

Founder & Developer – Conditional Blocks plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply conditions to any block?

Yes! Conditions can be applied to any standard or third-party Gutenberg Block.
If you run into any issues with a third-party block plugin, just let us know.

See tested third-party plugins here.

Can conditions be applied to nested/group blocks?

Yep, and it’s really powerful. You can conditionally display an entire group based on conditions and have different conditions for each nested block within the group.

How can I cancel my subscription?

The annual payment subscription can easily be cancelled with 2 clicks from your account. We can also help you, just reach via support.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely! You can upgrade to a plan with more site activations from your account. Select your current plan and follow the upgrade path.

Where can I find more details about the conditions?

We are proudly building out our documentation for each condition type. If there’s anything you can’t find just ask!

I have super cool feature suggestion!

Awesome, let us know all the details and use case via our support.