Cart Messages Plugins for WooCommerce

Cart messages plugin WooCommerce

Find out how to use a cart messages plugin for WooCommerce to upsell and cross-sell products and display cart messages.

What’s new in v2.5 – 8 New Features (Block Widgets + WooCommerce)

I’m excited to announce Conditional Blocks Pro version 2.5! The update brings 8 new visibility conditions for you to use with WordPress and WooCommerce. Did you hear about Block Widgets in WordPress 5.8? Block Widgets allow you to use WordPress blocks in all widget areas such as sidebars and footer columns. The exciting part is …

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What’s new in v2.3 – WooCommerce & Cookies Conditions

I’m super excited to merge my knowledge of WooCommerce with Conditional Blocks Pro. This update includes the first WooCommerce condition that will allow you to change the visibility of any WordPress Block based on the total value in the current customer cart. New Features WooCommerce Condition: Cart Value (NEW) Our first WoooCommerce condition is here! …

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