What’s new in Conditional Blocks v3.1 🥳

We’re celebrating our first major update in 2024.

You can download Conditional Blocks v3.1 from your WordPress Dashboard or Account today.

Here’s what’s included in the release👇


New Integrations

We are excited to introduce 3 new plugin integration for Conditional Blocks.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) logo.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Our new direct integration with Advanced Fields Pro in all your created fields and groups automatically. You’ll be able to set visibility conditions to any content in WordPress using the field values on ACF.

ACF Field Value

Easy Digital Downloads Logo

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Our Easy Digital Downloads integration allows store owners to change the visibility of content depending on the follow conditions:

Paid Memberships Pro plugin logo

Paid Memberships Pro (PMPro)

Our Paid Memberships Pro integration now provides an easy way to selectively choose which WordPress content you want to show based on the Memberships (level or status) or user field values.

Request an integration

Our goal is continue growing the available integrations, so don’t be shy, reach out and we’ll write down your requests.

New features & Changes

In addition to the integrations we’ve also made several other improvements to help you create WordPress sites faster.

Open from Toolbar

We’ve included a new setting that will allow you to quickly open the Condition Builder directly from the toolbar. This means less clicks to configure the visibility of blocks.

The toolbar shortcut can be enabled or disabled any time from the settings page.

Show only installed Integration

Our plan is to keep introducing new plugin integrations within Conditional Blocks.

However we do realize that not everyone will have these integrations installed on their WordPress, therefore I’ve made a new setting.

The “Show only installed Integrations” will hide all other integrations from the list, and only display the conditions which are important to your site.

Reworked Query String Conditions

We had some confusion when it came to the Query String condition. Therefore we’ve decided to rework the condition be aligned with the expected behaviour from users.

If there was no query string detected on the current url, then the condition would always make the block hidden. This prevented setup where you are trying to detect if specific query strings are not in the url.

The Query String condition will now handle those scenarios as expected while using the Block Action.

In different words, you’ll be able to setup a condition like this when there’s no query string in the URL: “Hide this block when a specific query string is NOT found”.

More Improvements

We’ve also focused on improving the visual experience by providing consistency and speed.

  • The Condition Builder UI has been improved to easier see which conditions are linked together with “AND” logic.
  • The “Active Condition” badges now displays the full name of each condition.
  • The Block Action design and wording has been reworked.
  • The list of conditions now includes icons for each category and integration.
  • Improved searching for all data fields. The search is now faster and more reliable when selected custom post types or WooCommerce products for example.
  • Improve visual separation of the date pickers for time related conditions.
  • Available and unavailable conditions shows the correct mouse pointer.
  • Consistency and refinements in styling.
  • Major structural rewrite of React code.
  • Faster experience with opening the Condition Builder and editing conditions.
  • Developer Mode setting is now persistent between reloads.
  • Developer Mode displays all attributes on the current block.

Custom Conditions API

Developers now added more information about the AI

  • A custom icon (or dashicon) for the category can be set.
  • More examples coming soon for partner integrations.

We’ve adopted Find My Blocks

I(@morganhvidt) have adopted the plugin Find My Blocks! It’s an extremely useful plugin or locating specific blocks across your whole WordPress site. I personally used it to remove 2 block related plugins from our site, and therefore increase the loading speed.

It’s a free plugin for the community. I’ve already got my first update in progress for Find My Blocks, so keep an eye out!