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What’s included

  • Our plugin will add visibility rules to any WordPress blocks.
  • Supports Full Site Editing (FSE)
  • Combine multiple conditions with OR, AND logic
  • Integrations with your favorite plugins

See available visibility conditions & how to use them 👇

Query String Condition for WordPress blocks


Custom Conditions API

We have opened up our Condition Builder for developers to create their visibility conditions to use on any WordPress Block.


Create & manage presets across multiple blocks with a few clicks.

Responsive (Screensizes)

Great for creating blocks that are best suited for viewing on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


You can work on your content and save the post/page while keeping the selected blocks hidden from everyone


Logged in users

Great for membership content with Gutenberg blocks! Display blocks for logged-in users only.

User Roles

Set the visibility of WordPress blocks for different User Roles.

Logged out users

Tell logged-out users about the benefits of signing up. Display blocks for logged-out users only.

User Meta Fields

Set the visibility of WordPress blocks based on the metadata of the current user. Support custom user fields.

Date & Time

Date Schedule – Range

Set the visibility of blocks between date ranges. You can schedule content such as banners, events, and notices to appear after a set date. Setting an end date is optional.

Date Schedule – Recurring

Running recurring events? You set blocks to be visible between time frames every day or even for specific weekdays. Mix and match Date Ranges & Recurring Dates to your needs.

Posts & Custom Post Types (CPT)

Post (Includes CPT)

Select individual posts from any Post Type. Perfect for Block Widgets and Full Site Editing.

Post Taxonomy Terms

Change the visibility of WordPress blocks based on whether the currently viewed post has the selected Taxonomy Terms. Also known as Post categories. Full support for Custom Post Types.

Post Type

Use Conditional Blocks Pro to detect if the current post is a specific post type and display unique blocks. Combine with other conditions to narrow down visibility.

Post Archive

Detect if the current page is an Archive. Best used with other Post related conditions.

Post Meta (Custom Fields)

Love creating Reusable Blocks, but need them to be dynamic? Conditionally display blocks based on the metadata of the post/page that visitors are viewing. Post meta fields are also known as Custom Fields.

Server Request

Query Strings (URL Variables)

Great for adding dynamic content to pages based on the URL parameters.

URL Paths

Set the block visibility based on the current URL path. Great for reusable blocks across nested domain paths.

HTTP Cookies

Control the visibility of blocks if browser cookies are present or not. Use it to create dynamic content site-wide.

Domain Referers

Running a Twitter promotion? No problem! Great for displaying content for people who are coming from your link on third-party sites.

User Agents (Devices & Browsers)

Display blocks only for devices such as iPhones, Andriod, Windows, Linux, or MacOS. You can also pick specific browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.


PHP Logic (Custom Conditions)

Display unique content based on PHP functions that are calculated as “TRUE” or “FALSE”. You can also add your own block conditions this way. Conditional Blocks make it easy to integrate with third-party plugins and setups.

Post ID’s

Great for reusable blocks and Full Site Editing. Display block-only pages that match or don’t match specific IDs.

WooCommerce Logo


WooCommerce Cart Products

Control the visibility of blocks based on the WooCommerce products in the customer’s cart.

WooCommerce Customer Spent

Control the visibility of blocks based on the total value a customer has spent in your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Cart Total Value

Control the visibility of blocks based on the total value of the customer cart using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Geolocation

Create unique WordPress content based on your customer’s physical location.

WooCommerce Product Categories in Cart

Control the visibility of blocks based on whether the products in the customer cart belong to specific categories.

WooCommerce Customer Recent Order

If your customer hasn’t made an order within the last week give them an incentive by creating unique content to get a repeat order.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) logo.

Advanced Custom Fields

ACF Field Value

Use the field value from ACF to determine the visibility of WordPress content.

Metabox logo

Meta Box

Meta Box Field Value

Use the field value from Meta Box to determine the visibility of WordPress content.

Easy Digital Downloads Logo

Easy Digital Downloads

EDD Products in Cart

Detect the products in the current Easy Digital Downloads cart.

EDD Products Purchased

Control content based on products that customers have previously ordered.

EDD Product Categories in Cart

Check the EDD cart for products belonging to specific categories.

EDD Cart Value

Create cart messages based on the current value of the customer cart.

Paid Memberships Pro plugin logo

Paid Memberships Pro

PMPro Membership Level

Create restricted content based on customers’ membership level with ease.

PMPro User Fields

Control content using the value of User Fields created in the PMPro plugin.

ProfilePress logo


PP Active Membership Plan

Set content set content restrictions based on the membership plan in ProfilePress.

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