Cart Value

Conditional Blocks with WooCommerce will give you the ability to change the visibility of WordPress blocks based on the total cart value of customers.

Usage examples

  • Create unique upsells to increase your averge order value.
  • Create cart notications using blocks. (free shipping for orders above $100).
Example of displaying unique content to customers when their is under $100 in total value.
Example of displaying unique content to customers when their is over $100 in total value.

Get started

You’ll need to have Conditional Blocks Pro and WooCommerce installed.

  1. Create the block you’d like to show conditionally depending on the current order value.
  2. Click on Visibility Conditions and Configure visibility conditions
  3. Add the Cart Total conditon to the selected WordPress block
  4. Configure as needed – This block should only be visble if the Cart value is above X amount and below X amount.
Screenshot of the adding WooCommerce conditions to WordPress Blocks
Screenshot of configuring WooCommerce conditions in WordPress Blocks

Need more WooCommerce Conditions?

We are actively working on adding more WooCommerce visibility conditions to Conditional Blocks, but you don’t have to wait for us!

Have a look at our PHP Logic (Custom conditions) feature. You create your own conditions as needed.

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