Advanced Custom Fields

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Advanced Custom Fields, or ACF for short, is a plugin for WordPress that lets you add your own fields to your website. It’s super handy if you want to customize your site more than the usual WordPress options allow. Think of it as a way to make your website fit exactly what you need, like adding a special rating to a review or a map to an event listing.

Conditional Blocks + ACF Integration

Now, imagine you could show or hide these custom touches based on certain conditions. That’s where Conditional Blocks comes in. It’s a plugin that works hand-in-hand with ACF to control when different parts of your site are visible. For example, you could have a special announcement on your homepage that only shows up if you’ve set a specific value in an ACF field, like “Event Date.” Or maybe you want to display a bonus download link, but only for visitors who have filled out a form on your site, which you’ve tracked with an ACF field.

By combining ACF with Conditional Blocks, you’re not just adding extra information to your site; you’re also deciding exactly when and for whom that information should appear. This makes your website smarter and more interactive, creating a more engaging experience for your visitors without making things complicated for you.

It’s fast and it’s a no-code solution

Together, ACF and Conditional Blocks give you a lot of power to make your website work just the way you want it to, without having to dive into complex code.

Setting up

You’ll just need Advanced Custom Fields (Pro or Free version, it’s up to you) and Conditional Blocks Pro installed on your WordPress site.

Once both plugins are activated, then the ACF conditions will automatically appear in the Condition Builder. You don’t need to configure anything else. All required data (such as fields and their groups) from ACF will also be automatically pull.

Available Conditions

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