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We are excited to introduce the Easy Digital Downloads (Also known as EDD) integration with Conditional Blocks Pro. EDD is fantastic eCommerce built for selling digital products, license keys & payment subscriptions on WordPress. We even use EDD our site, therefore it only makes sense for us to create a seamless integration with our pro version.

Setup & Requirements

Good news! You don’t have to any specific setup. Conditional Blocks Pro will automatically detect if you have Easy Digital Downloads installed, and all EDD related visibility conditions will available to select in the WordPress editor.

We have a getting started guide for how to add visibility conditions to WordPress blocks & content. Once you are familiar with creating conditional logic for content, then you can come back here to learn about the individual EDD Conditions.

  • You need to have purchased and installed Conditional Blocks Pro on your WordPress site.
  • You need to have Easy Digital Downloads installed on your WordPress site.
  • The premium Easy Digital Downloads extensions such as Recurring Payments & Software Licencing are optional.

Available Conditions

So, what can you do with your WordPress site when both Conditional Blocks Pro & Easy Digital Downloads are installed? You can apply any of the below condition types onto any WordPress Block of content. This makes it easy for website designs, or creators like yourself to make highly targeted dynamic data with a few clicks.

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