Advanced Use of WordPress Blocks (reusable, grouped, patterns)

The WordPress Block Editor is a new and dynamic way of creating and editing content in WordPress. This new Block Editor replaced the Classic Editor, introducing various ways to build websites using content blocks. There are also a huge amount of available blocks like paragraph block, heading block, image block, …

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Get Started with Conditional Blocks Free for WordPress

Conditional Blocks is a WordPress plugin that gives you full control over the visibility and management of your site content. Conditional Blocks lets you dynamically manage content through different options known as conditions.  How to Install Conditional Blocks? There are two versions of Conditional Blocks you can install. Conditional Blocks …

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Building a Membership site with WP User Manager

Today I’m exploring various aspects you should consider when creating a membership-type website. As a quick introduction – WordPress is a CMS (content management system) which powers the majority of websites on the internet. It’s my favorite platform for building websites for most use-cases. WordPress is extremely powerful due to …

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How to create logged-in navigation with WordPress (Full Site Editing)

Today, I’ll show you how to create dynamic user navigation menus with WordPress Blocks and a Full Site Editing theme. You’ll be able to change the visibility of any menu link. Firstly let’s discuss a few details. What is the Navigation block? WordPress Full Site Editing allows us to be …

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Visibility of WordPress blocks for “prefers-color-scheme”

I’m a big fan of dark mode websites, therefore my interest was peaked when I received a question from Michael on how to make WordPress blocks appear conditionally using the browser requested color scheme. Most modern browsers already support the new CSS selector @media prefer-color-scheme. Let’s jump in! Show/hide content …

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Cart Messages Plugins for WooCommerce

Cart messages plugin WooCommerce

Find out how to use a cart messages plugin for WooCommerce to upsell and cross-sell products and display cart messages.

What’s new in v2.5 – 8 New Features (Block Widgets + WooCommerce)

I’m excited to announce Conditional Blocks Pro version 2.5! The update brings 8 new visibility conditions for you to use with WordPress and WooCommerce. Did you hear about Block Widgets in WordPress 5.8? Block Widgets allow you to use WordPress blocks in all widget areas such as sidebars and footer …

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