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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demo or trial?

Yes, we recommend the instant demo. You’ll experience already setup WordPress editor with Conditional Blocks. You can also install the lite version yourself.

Can I apply conditions to any block?

Yes! Conditions can be applied to any standard or third-party WordPress Block.
If you run into any issues with a third-party block plugin let us know.

See our tested WordPress plugins here.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancel anytime with 2 clicks in from account page, or just contact us.

Can I upgrade later plan?

Absolutely! You can upgrade to another plan from your account. Select your current plan and follow the upgrade path.

Can I make custom visibility conditions?

Our Condition API allows you to create unlimited amount of features.

Can conditions be applied to nested/group blocks?

Yep, and it’s really powerful. You can conditionally display an entire group based on conditions and have different conditions for each nested block within the group.

Does it work with Full Site Editing?

Yes, You can make the blocks within FSE templates conditional. You can of course also use Conditional Blocks on any block-based themes.

Can you integrate with my favorite plugin?

Put it on the new Feature Request list, or vote for the ideas you want to see happen.

Do you have example use-cases?

Yes, we are writing many ways your WordPress building can improve within our documentation for each condition type.